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Dr Batra's Face Wash Daily Care

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PRO+ Lightening Facial Kit Enriched With Mulberry And Echinacea Extract - Dr Batra'sPRO+ Lightening Facial Kit Enriched With Mulberry And Echinacea Extract - Dr Batra's
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PRO+ Lightening Facial Kit Enriched With Mulber...

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PRO+ Hair Fall Control Oil and PRO+ Insta Glow ...

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Sun Protection Cream - SPF 30 Sunscreen

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Face Wash Daily Care - Dr Batra's

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Natural Skin Lightening Cream Enriched With Mul...

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PRO+ Insta Glow Facial Scrub with Safflower, Wa...

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Dr Batra’s- Skin Fairness Serum - Dr Batra's

Dr Batra’s- Skin Fairness Serum

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Age Defying Skin Firming Serum | Suitable for M...

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Morning Skin Care Regime

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Several skincare products nowadays promise younger-looking, glowing skin and many more claims that may not be easy to fulfill, therefore, it is necessary to understand which products maintain the skin environment at their optimum levels so that your daily skin essentials give efficient skincare. At Dr Batra’s our product range optimally preserves the skin environment so that even the slight possible problem like skin dehydration is also addressed along with major skincare problems like acne, pigmentation, and many more. We also believe that understanding and dedicating skin care products toward particular skin types will also help us to a large extent in achieving and maintaining healthier skin.

In dry-skinned people, we find that genetics or hormonal aging and environmental factors like wind and UV radiation may affect the skin extensively such skin may benefit well from the products range especially suited for skin dryness. In oily-skinned individuals, the increased oil secretion especially during puberty or other hormonal imbalances, stress, antibiotics, and exposure to heat or excess humidity may also be regulated and rectified with persistent use of our oil control products.

Along with an efficient skincare routine one must also remember that a well-balanced diet, sufficient hydration, adequate sleep, and avoiding stress, smoking, and alcohol go a long way to get desired skin results.

Our products are primarily committed to obtaining natural skin care in the following ways as they range from face wash to face sheet masks:

  • The hydration levels are well maintained optimally so that skin dehydration may not occur at any time.
  • The skin smoothness improves to a great extent giving the skin a very good texture and glow.
  • Many of our skincare products are aimed toward skin brightening and skin lightening, with usage you can see remarkable results.
  • The regulation of sebum is also maintained with regular use of many of our products.
  • The pH levels are very well kept so infections are unlikely with consistent use of our skincare kit.

So, the simple skincare basics like facewash, and moisturizing cream selected from a wide range of our skincare product range complements the existing beauty to reach a higher level of skincare excellence. We aim to preserve skin health by maintaining and regulating the skin environment so that the maximum ever-lasting advantage is availed by your skin.

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