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Natural Skin Lightening Cream Enriched With Mul...

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Skin Fairness Serum - Dr Batra'sDr Batra`s Skin Fairness Serum: Natural, Chemical-Free Serum with Safflower, Saffron and Mulberry extracts, for brighter and radiant-looking skin.

Skin Fairness Serum - Dr Batra's

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PRO+ Instant Glow Face Wash, Protects Against I...

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Facial Kit for Glowing Skin | PRO+ Insta Glow F...

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Sun Protection Cream - SPF 30 Sunscreen

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Age Defying Skin Firming Serum | Suitable for M...

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PRO+ Insta Glow Facial Scrub with Safflower, Wa...

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PRO+Instant Glow Face Wash and Insta Glow Facia...

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Natural Skin Lightening Cream - Dr. Batra’sNatural Skin Lightening Cream - Dr. Batra’s
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Natural Skin Lightening Cream - Dr. Batra’s

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PRO+ Insta Glow Facial Scrub - Dr. Batra’s

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Skin Fairness Serum with Safflower, Saffron and Mulberry extractsSkin Fairness Serum with Safflower, Saffron and Mulberry extracts

Skin Fairness Serum with Safflower, Saffron and...

Rs. 292.50 Rs. 650.00 (55% off)

Dr Batra's PRO+ Lightening Facial Kit Enriched ...

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Hair Fall Control Oil, PRO+ Instant Glow Face W...

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PRO+ Hair Fall Control Oil and PRO+ Insta Glow ...

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Morning Skin Care Regime

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Skin Solutions

The skincare routine is a very intricate process that requires your complete focus and attention for maximum skin care advantage. Every individual has a particular skin type that comprises a combined features of various factors as follows:

  • The water content in the skin is essential for the skin’s suppleness and to avoid skin dryness and skin dehydration.
  • The lipid content of the skin ensures proper nutrition and softness and ensures that a healthy skin glow is maintained.
  • The level of sensitivity that is the skin’s resistance and tolerance to the external environment.

All these factors together contribute to the varying skin types a person exhibits. The skincare products for each skin type differ as the various features mentioned above change. Several problems as common as skin dryness, to more severe issues like pigmentation, and acne, and many more can be safely improved with our product range usage.

Dry skin and very dry-skinned individuals face a lot of problems like rough, and scaly skin that is tough to manage. It may so due to genetic issues or hormonal aging, or external factors like rain, wind, and sun exposure can be taken care of very well with our product usage.

Oily skin appears shiny, and oily to the touch. Depending on the weather change, the texture of oily skin may vary from slightly greasy to significantly greasy. Oily-skinned people have excessive formation of oil that may occur due the puberty and other hormonal imbalances, stress, antibiotics, heat exposure, or ample humidity. The products targeted toward oily skin are very well-suited and show great results with consistent usage of our skincare essentials.

In people with combination skin, hormonal changes, and tough T-zone, the forehead and nose area is excessively dry or oily. The combination skin may have an imbalance in lipids and always vary in season change, such skin also can be safely pampered with our products.

Our skincare products are very safe and natural for all people with variable skincare routines. The skincare solutions target various aspects like skin brightening, skin moisturizing, anti-aging, and skin protection very effectively. Moreover, they have the following characteristics as well:

  • They are paraben-free.
  • They balance pH levels well.
  • They are SLS-free.
  • There are no side effects seen.
  • They are cruelty-free.

The combination of skin care kits for skincare basics is also a very exciting and feasible concept that helps facilitate a great result in skin moisturizing, skin hygiene, skin brightening, skin protection, and skin glow.