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Natural Skin Lightening Cream Enriched With Mul...

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Skin Fairness Serum - Dr Batra's - Dr Batra'sSkin Fairness Serum - Dr Batra's - Dr Batra's

Dr Batra’s- Skin Fairness Serum

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PRO+ Instant Glow Face Wash, Protects Against I...

Rs. 212.00 Rs. 249.00 (15% off)
PRO+ Sun Block Cream - Sunscreen SPF 50+ PA+++ - Dr Batra'sPRO+ Sun Block Cream - Sunscreen SPF 50+ PA+++ - Dr Batra's

PRO+ Sun Block Cream - Sunscreen SPF 50+ PA+++

Rs. 412.00 Rs. 485.00 (16% off)

Oil Control Face Wash for Men & Women

Rs. 97.00 Rs. 115.00 (16% off)
PRO+ Insta Glow Facial Kit Enriched With Echinacea Extract And Vitamin B3 - Dr Batra'sPRO+ Insta Glow Facial Kit Enriched With Echinacea Extract And Vitamin B3 - Dr Batra's

PRO+ Insta Glow Facial Kit Enriched With Echina...

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Dr Batra’s- PRO+ Skin Clear Facewash with Neem ...

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Oil Control Face Wash for Men & Women

Rs. 63.00 Rs. 115.00 (46% off)

Sun Protection Cream - SPF 30 Sunscreen

Rs. 297.00 Rs. 350.00 (16% off)

Age Defying Skin Firming Serum | Suitable for M...

Rs. 637.00 Rs. 750.00 (16% off)

Dr. Batra`s Face Wash Daily Care - 100 gm.

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PRO+ Aloe Facial Gel - Dr. Batra's

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PRO+ Insta Glow Facial Scrub with Safflower, Wa...

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Dr Batra’s- PRO+ HydraFresh Face Sheet Mask

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Dr Batra’s- PRO+ ClearSkin Face Sheet Mask

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Dr Batra's Instant Glow Face Wash Enriched With...

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Why Batras Desktop

Brightening skin products aim to improve skin tone, reduce dark spots, and promote a radiant complexion. Dr. Batra's, known for holistic healthcare, offers a range of skincare products designed to potentially brighten the skin while nourishing and revitalizing its appearance.

Their brightening skincare often incorporates natural ingredients known for their skin-brightening properties. For instance, Dr. Batra's Brightening Face Wash may contain ingredients like Vitamin C, Licorice extract, or Turmeric, aiming to gently cleanse the skin while potentially reducing dark spots and promoting a more even skin tone.

These products typically target specific concerns such as pigmentation, dullness, or uneven skin tone. They may focus on effectively removing impurities and dead skin cells, revealing a brighter complexion over time.

Moreover, Dr. Batra's brightening skincare products may aim to be suitable for different skin types, offering options for individuals seeking to enhance their skin's radiance. They may claim to promote a more luminous and revitalized appearance, contributing to a healthier-looking complexion.

The brand's emphasis on incorporating natural ingredients into their brightening skincare aligns with their holistic approach to skincare. For example, Dr. Batra's Brightening Face Wash represents a product within their range that potentially combines effective cleansing with elements aimed at brightening and revitalizing the skin.


How can I brighten my skin naturally?

Natural remedies like using lemon juice, turmeric, Aloe Vera, and honey can help brighten the skin. For instance, a homemade mask with Aloe Vera gel, a few drops of lemon juice, and honey can promote skin brightness. Additionally, incorporating a skincare routine with products like Dr. Batra’s Skin Radiance Cream enriched with natural extracts like saffron and licorice can further aid in brightening the skin tone.


What makes face glow faster?

Facial glow is often achieved through regular skincare habits and lifestyle choices. Hydration, proper nutrition, adequate sleep, and regular exercise contribute to a glowing complexion. Incorporating a suitable skincare routine, including products like Dr. Batra’s Skin Glow Cream with natural ingredients like berberis aquifolium and calendula, can also promote a faster and healthier facial glow.


How to have clear skin?

Achieving clear skin involves diligent skincare practices and natural remedies. Consistent cleansing, exfoliation, and moisturizing are crucial. Additionally, natural remedies like using tea tree oil for spot treatment or a face mask made of honey and cinnamon can aid in clearing the skin. Complementing these practices with a suitable skincare routine, such as Dr. Batra’s Clear Skin Gel infused with natural extracts like berberis aquifolium, helps in managing acne and promoting clearer skin.


Dr. Batra’s range of skincare products offers natural solutions to enhance skin brightness, glow, and clarity. For example, the Skin Radiance Cream aids in brightening the skin, the Skin Glow Cream contributes to a radiant complexion, and the Clear Skin Gel helps in achieving clearer skin. These products, combined with natural remedies, form an effective regimen for brighter, glowing, and clearer skin.

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