Dr Batra’s Hair Care Range of Products:

Dr Batra’s Hair Care products are undoubtedly amongst best hair products I have used. I have tried their shampoo, conditioner and hair serum. The consistency of the shampoo was just right; it smells good and gave my hair good volume. The conditioner helped in retaining the moisture within. Their hair vitalizing serum is something I would highly recommend, as unlike other serums available, it is non-sticky, softens the hair and gives them visible shineRakhi Malhotra, Mumbai

Dr. Batra's Hair Care Kit:

I had thin hair and was looking for good natural hair care products. I wanted natural products because other hair care products dry my hair and make them brittle. My salon guy recommended me Dr Batra’s Hair Care kit. It came with sulphate and paraben free Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Oil and Hair Serum.  I call it a ‘Magic Kit’ for my hair. My hair now looks thicker and shinier. All products are of good quality, free of chemicals and wonderful – Vaishali Maru, Delhi.

Dr Batra’s Anti Hair Fall Kit:

My hair was always good but recently after I changed my job and had to locate to a different city, I experienced hair fall. That’s when a friend recommended me Dr Batra’s anti hair fall range of products.  I bought their Hair fall control kit, which had hair fall control shampoo, oil and serum. All the products were excellent and actually worked well in arresting hair loss. Oil was non sticky, which was a pleasant surprise. The serum also helped in hair re-growth. Nice products and I would definitely continue using them – Shikha Mehta, Vadodara.

Dr Batra’s Skin Care Range of Products:

Being patient of Dr Batra’s for a long time now, I trust the brand for their treatment. However, I wasn’t sure about the products, so I thought of initially trying only one product and that was Dr Batra’s Instant Glow Face Wash. It was just wonderful and actually gave instant glow to my face. I later tried their Moisturizing Face Wash, Natural Moisturizing Lotion, Skin Toner and Cleansing Milk. All products are good and I am really impressed with the quality. No false claims, just pure glowing face. I would highly recommend Dr Batra’s Skin Care Range of Products to all – Suruchi Rao, Delhi.

Hair Care Products (Anti-dandruff Range):

I wanted a good anti-dandruff shampoo. After trying quite a few branded products, I figured out that anti-dandruff shampoos actually made my hair brittle and prone to breakage. That’s when I thought of trying natural sulphate free shampoo. I bought Dr Batra's Dandruff Cleasing Shampoo and Dr Batra's Anti Dandruff Hair Serum. Both the products are effective in getting rid of dandruff and are wonderful for your hair. They do not take away moisture from your hair and retain the natural shine and volume – Anita Shah, Mumbai.

Skin Care Range {Face Wash for Men (Keyword)}:

Infused with Charcoal and some herbal extracts, Dr Batra's Men+ Exfoliating Face Wash works wonders for my skin. It reduces oil secretion, dark spots and pimples. It is customized for men, as our skin is tougher and oilier. I would highly recommend it – Animesh Ketkar, Pune.

Dr Batra’s Insta Hair:

I just love this product for its easy application and instant results. It covers bald patches instantly. I felt so confident about my looks. It is available in 2 color variants and I found a shade suitable to my hair - Deborshi Sahu, Kolkatta.

Dr Batra’s Hair Colour:

If you are looking for natural hair color, trust Dr Batra’s Herbal Hair Color Cream. I tried it in brown colour and I am so happy with the results. My Hair looks natural and yet beautiful – Ankita Agrawal, Lucknow.

Dr Batra’s Hair Serum:

I was suffering from hair fall and was looking for a right non sticky serum. I am glad I used Dr Batra’s hair vitalizing serum. After using it I feel like my hair fall has reduced. Also, there is a natural shine to my hair. I would definitely recommend this product – Kirti Redkar.

Dr Batra’s Anti Acne Range of Products:

My skin is prone to acne and after having used anti-acne products, I have come to the conclusion that chemical based products only make it worse even if they claim to be anti-acne. Natural chemicals free products are best and in this range, I can surely say Dr Batra's Natural Anti Acne Cream and Dr Batra's Face Wash Acne Clear are the best. With regular use of these products, my acne has reduced and my skin looks soft and feels beautiful – Rashmi Vasudev, Ahmedabad.

Dr Batra’s Shampoo + Conditioner:

They say every good thing comes with a heavy price tag. That’s not true. I always trusted expensive products for my hair and invested a lot in them before I came across Dr Batra’s hair care products. I tried their shampoo and conditioner. My salon beautician recommended me these products and at a price that they come for, they are wonderful.  Being sulphate and paraben free, they gave my hair a healthy volume, shine and makes it feel super soft – Shalini Basu, West Bengal.

Dr Batra's Anti-Dandruff Hair Kit (AD shampoo+CD+ADHS):

For those who are looking for anti-dandruff products, I strongly recommend Dr Batra's Anti-Dandruff Hair Kit. This super-saver pack of anti-dandruff shampoo, conditioner and anti-dandruff hair serum has all natural products, so no need to worry about side-effects like dry or brittle hair, is suitable for all hair types and is easy to carry on travel trips. Highly recommended – Sumeet Tondon, Hyderabad.

Anti Hair Fall Range + Dr Batra's Nutrigood:

I was experiencing severe hair fall. That’s when I used Dr Batra’s anti hair fall range of products. I tried their hair fall control shampoo, oil and serum. I also used Dr Batra's Nutrigood in Vanilla Flavour. These products do wonders for reducing hair fall. My hair fall has considerably reduced and my hair quality has improved – Ravi Sawant, Nagpur.

The biggest problem I experienced with a lot of herbal shampoos available in the market is that they can deplete your hair of natural moisture, which makes hair look lifeless. But not Dr Batra's Pro+ Intense Volume Shampoo. This product is natural and yet nourishing for your hair. It contains amla to nourish and moisturize the strands without any added weight and gives extra volume to hair – Raveena Tyagi, Mumbai.

Hair Kit:

I am in love with Dr Batra's Hair fall control kit. After pregnancy, I experienced severe hair fall and this kit worked wonders for my hair. Their Hair fall control shampoo, hair fall control oil, and a hair fall control serum all do wonders in controlling hair loss. Use of these products not only controlled my hair fall but also gave volume to my hair, which had become so thin and lifeless - Sumeeta Jain, Mathura.