How To Choose The Best Volumizing Shampoo For Thin Hair

Just like models in shampoo commercials, we all desire shiny and voluminous hair. Flat hair not only looks lifeless but is also hard to style. This is why thin hair needs a little extra care. Hair volumizing products are a great option to give your hair an extra boost. Finding the best volumizing shampoo for thin hair is mind boggling, since the market is flooded with a multitude of hair products. To make the process simpler, we’ve broken it down.

 When compared to other hair types, thin or fine hair strands get greasy faster. This means if you have thin hair, it needs to be washed often. Frequent hair washing leads to limpness and a lack of bounce. To prevent this damage, it is essential to use a good shampoo. By paying attention to the ingredients in the shampoo, you can prevent hair and scalp damage. So, the first step is to look for no parabens or chemicals. Next, you should also check the label for the following ingredients: 

  • Formers and thickeners such as sodium lauryl sulphate
  • Preservatives such as parabens
  • Irritants such as artificial colours

To get the best effect without damaging your hair, choose a shampoo that is made with natural ingredients. This includes:

  • Oils made from seed extracts to nourish the scalp
  • Natural proteins such as Shea Butter to moisturize the hair
  • Additional plant extracts to balance your hair’s pH levels

Harsh or chemical ingredients such as Sodium Chloride and Formaldehyde will worsen your hair problems over time. Therefore, it is important to look for shampoos that are enriched with natural ingredients. If a shampoo is sulphate free and includes plant-based or organic ingredients, it is considered to be natural. It is also less likely to disturb your scalp health and helps maintain a healthy pH.

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Why our shampoo is the right choice!

Dr Batra’s Pro+ Intense Volume Shampoo is one of the best shampoos for increasing hair volume. Our volumizing shampoo increases thickness and enhances the glossiness of the hair. It is chemical-free and leaves your hair healthier, fuller and more nourished. Dr Batra’s Pro+ Intense Volume Shampoo is made with natural extracts:

  • Indian Gooseberry (Amla) – Cleanses the scalp while nourishing it and enhances the overall hair texture
  • Rice protein – To make your hair more manageable, rice protein binds moisture and creates fullness
  • Thuja – It is a natural DHT inhibitor to prevent hair loss. Thuja balances the scalp oil production to improve blood circulation and reduce the risk of hair fall

Volumizing shampoos will enhance your look but if your hair thinning is due to an deeper rooted health issues, your condition may remain unchanged. If this is the case, try Dr Batra’s® Hair Fall Control Kit. This kit includes a hair fall control oil, hair fall control shampoo and hair fall control serum for complete hair care. The factors that trigger hair thinning and hair fall differ from person to person. So, an individualized approach is needed. A homeopathic hair expert can help you understand the root cause of your hair fall problem. 

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Fixing Your Hair Loss Problems Through Homeopathy

If you continue to experience hair thinning or excessive hair loss, it is best to get to the root of the problem. There can be a number of reasons for thinning hair such as a hormonal imbalance, diet or stress. Homeopathy helps to manage the underlying trigger factors and protects the body from the harmful effects of conventional treatment. 

At Dr Batra’s®, our homeopathic doctors uses the medical science of homeopathy to understand the patient’s physical, emotional and psychological symptoms. With a positive treatment outcome of 96.6% - as authenticated by the American Quality Assessors, Dr Batra’s® is a trusted name in treating hair problems.

You can consult our homeopathic experts to get a safe, effective and long-lasting solution to your hair problems. Book an appointment through:

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