Dandruff is one of the most annoying scalp conditions you could have. It leads to visible skin flakes in the hair and on clothing which can be embarrassing. It not only damages your physical appearance but also indicates poor scalp health. The worst thing to handle is intense itching which is accompanied by white flakes on eyebrows, in the beard, and on the neck and shoulders, in severe cases.

The exact cause of dandruff is unknown. However, it is thought to be linked to the overgrowth of a tiny fungus (yeast) present on the scalp. Sometimes, this fungus seems to grow out of control and irritates the skin, causing dandruff. Dandruff can also be triggered by cold & dry weather, stress, genetics, certain medical conditions like Parkinson’s disease, infrequent shampooing, inappropriate hair conditioners or poor rinsing of the hair.

Being one of the most common scalp conditions, there is a wide variety of dandruff control products available that promise to eradicate the problem. However, many of these anti-dandruff products seldom work. To help you provide a customized solution for keeping your hair strong, and your scalp healthy and dandruff-free, we offer a special range of products in an economic pack - Dr Batra’s® anti-dandruff kit that contains an anti-dandruff shampoo, conditioner, and a serum.

Dr Batra’s® Dandruff Cleansing Shampoo

Some people mistake that dandruff is caused by a dry scalp and hence they should shampoo infrequently or apply oil to their scalp more often. The truth is that infrequent washing can lead to a build-up of dirt and grime on your scalp and can even aggravate dandruff. Therefore, you should frequently wash your hair and scalp with an anti-dandruff shampoo to keep it clean. You can use our anti-dandruff shampoo for deep-cleansing. It is enriched with the goodness of Thuja and helps control dandruff in following ways –

  • Thuja controls hair loss. Keeps hair clean, lustrous, free from flakes and itching
  • Balances oil production of the scalp by improving blood circulation
  • Cleanses hair by balancing ideal pH level 6.5 and treats the scalp with all the gentle care it deserves.

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Dr Batra’s® Conditioner

If you’re prone to dandruff, make sure to use a conditioner that suits your hair type as the final step in your wash routine. Conditioner adds vitamins and nutrients back to your hair and scalp and prevents over-drying. For best results, combine Dr Batra’s® Dandruff Cleansing Shampoo with Dr Batra’s® Conditioner is enriched with Amla extract and helps you maintain -

  • Amla nourishes and moisturizes the dry, frizzy, damaged and tangled hair
  • Thuja keeps the damage out by retaining moisture and makes hair manageable and lustrous.

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Dr Batra’s® Anti-Dandruff Hair Serum

Hair serums are a widely used hair care product that promises to revitalize your hair. If you’ve got dandruff, you may be hesitant to use a hair serum for fear of making your dandruff problem worse. Don’t worry! We have a solution to your problem. You can use our Dr Batra’s® Anti-Dandruff Hair Serum for a dandruff-free and healthy scalp. It is enriched with natural Ziziphus Joazeiro Bark Extract and Thuja and helps you

  • Fights dandruff effectively
  • Helps remove visible flakes
  • Provides relief from dry and itchy scalp
  • Regulates the scalp’s oil secretion.

If you continue to see dandruff flakes in your hair and experience itching, please consult a doctor. Anti-dandruff shampoo can only clear off the formed scales externally but if your dandruff problem is occurring due to an internal issue, the condition may remain the same or your dandruff will keep on relapsing.

You can consult our homeopathic experts to get a safe, customized, effective, and long-lasting treatment for dandruff by booking an appointment through