Women, for ages, have dreamt of having long, strong, and luscious locks. The dream of having hair so strong that no hairbrush can break it and no weather can damage it. However, one cannot avoid the foe that breaks this dream. Hair loss is that foe. In every woman’s fairytale, hair loss is that enemy that ruins the dream of having a voluminous mane. More than 50% of women experience noticeable hair loss. The problem is noticed when you find hair on your pillow, in the drain, on your comb, or on the clothes throughout the day. And off you are on the quest to find an answer to “How can I stop my hair loss?”

From home remedies to expensive hair masks, every hair fall treatment doesn’t promise to reverse the misery of hair fall but there’s always some hope. There are some products that are being formulated by our expert trichologists to offer you natural and safe hair fall solution.

Listed below are some products that will help you combat hair loss:

Dr Batra’s® Hair Fall Control Oil

We have all had our mothers and grandma’s forcefully give us a champi and talk about the infinite benefits of the oil. Little did we know that this sticky oil nourishes the scalp and gets the blood circulation going and is one of the greatest healthy hair tips. Blood circulation is of prime importance when it comes to hair growth. Oil saves your hair from becoming brittle and damaged. So, what are you waiting for? Dr Batra’s® Hair Fall Control Oil is a combination of natural ­Tulsi, Brahmi, and Thuja extract. Its special formulation boosts hair growth and strengthens the root, thereby reducing hair fall.

Key benefits:

  • Tulsi extract stimulates proliferate cells in hair roots that boost regrowth
  • Brahmi oil strengthens hair roots by providing anti-oxidant protection from free radicals
  • Thuja extract balances the scalp oil production by improving blood circulation.


Dr Batra’s® Hair Fall Control Shampoo


If you are prone to losing hair, you might have noticed your bathroom turn into a battlefield post every shower where strands of hair are sacrificed. Hair is the weakest when wet and is prone to break. Therefore, it needs the most protection while being washed. Using a shampoo that nourishes your hair and specifically deals with hair loss is a must. An herbal shampoo like Dr Batra’s® Hair Fall Control Shampoo is created specifically to combat hair loss. This hair fall shampoo is filled with the goodness of Watercress, Indian Cress Extract, and Thuja, which helps make your hair stronger, stimulate hair growth and controls hair fall.

Key benefits:

  • Watercress, Indian Cress Extract, and Thuja make hair stronger, stimulate growth and control hair fall
  • Ginseng protects the scalp from harmful effects of the environment
  • Amla improves overall hair texture and provides nourishment.

Dr Batra’s® Hair Fall Control Serum

Hair serums are a medium of carrying nutrients and nourishment to every strand of your hair. Hair serums transform dull and dry hair and prevent them from breaking. When hair loses its moisture and becomes dry, it tends to break. Serums lock in the moisture and keep damage away. Therefore, along with the best shampoo for dry hair, the serum is a must for people with dry and damaged hair. If you are looking for a natural product, try Dr Batra’s® Hair Fall Control Serum. It is enriched with the properties of Watercress, Indian Cress Extract, Heena, Amla Extract, and Thuja.

Key benefits:

  • Watercress and Indian Cress extract strengthen hair from the root and prevent hair loss
  • Heena restores the acid-alkaline balance of the scalp without affecting the natural balance of hair
  • Amla rich in Vitamin C adds luster and softness to the hair
  • Thuja extract balances the scalp oil production by improving blood circulation

To take care of all your hair woes, you can simply buy Dr Batra’s® Hair Fall Control Kit. It is a one-in-all solution to control your hair fall as it contains a Dr Batra’s® Hair Fall Control Oil, Dr Batra’s® Hair Fall Control Shampoo, and a Dr Batra’s® Hair Fall Control Serum.

While one cannot completely discard hair fall, it is important to take precautions and follow the right hair care regime, hydrate yourself, take proper nutrition, de-stress, and choose the right hair fall treatment for your hair.

Consult our expert homeopathic doctors if you see excessive hair fall. They will help you rule out the underlying reasons for your hair loss and suggest a customized treatment plan if required. You can book an appointment with us through https://www.drbatras.com/book-an-appointment