NutriGood Vanilla Flavoured Pouch, Combination Of Multivitamins & Minerals for Better Nourishment Of Roots & Growth

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Dr Batra’s NUTRIGOOD for hair care is the superfood for dull and lifeless hair. Nutrigood is formulated with the goodness of natural ingredients like Brahmi and Aloe vera, this hair supplement strengthens, repairs, and nourishes your hair like never before. It is power packed with vitamins for hair growth such as vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin B12, zinc, and biotin. This nourishing hair supplement comes in the flavor of vanilla, making it all things delicious and all things nutritious for your hair. 

Dr Batra’s Nutri Good for hair care is strengthened with Brahmi Extracts and Aloe Vera to provide complete nourishment to the hair without any side effects. Its natural properties help to enhance scalp health and prevent dandruff and split ends. It also contains essential vitamins and minerals, making this one of the best nutritional supplements for hair.

  • Form: Powder
  • 25% Protein
  • Suitable for: Men & Women
  • Used for: Hair growth, Strengthening hair roots, and nourishing scalp

Why should you use NUTRI GOOD?

  • For dry and brittle hair
  • For damaged hair that appears dull and lustreless
  • For thin hair
  • For hair that requires more than just care

    What makes NUTRI GOOD so good for your hair?

    Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri)

    • Brahmi extracts reduce inflammation and itchiness on the scalp
    • Antioxidant properties eliminate dandruff
    • It promotes a healthy scalp and helps in hair regeneration
    • Promotes lustrous and voluminous hair

    Aloe Vera

    • Revitalizes lustreless hair
    • Deeply conditions the scalp
    • Its anti-bacterial properties reduce the formation of oil and grease on the scalp
    • Promotes longer, thicker and stronger hair

    Why NUTRIGOOD is better for your hair?

    • Biotin: Biotin works best when consumed and what better than a delectable hair supplement to do so? Biotin promotes rapid growth of the hair follicles and prevents hair thinning.
    • Zinc: Zinc ensures the proper functioning of the oil glands surrounding the hair follicles. Do you know what that means? A healthy and clean scalp!
    • Niacin: Niacin improves the thickness and boosts hair growth.

    What makes NUTRI GOOD the best hair supplement?

    It is more than just hair care, it is a perfect combination of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins to give your hair the nourishment it needs.

    • No added sugar
    • It is 100% safe
    • It is infused with the goodness of herbal extracts
    • It is a nutritional hair supplement for men and women
    • It is suitable for all hair types

    Skimmed milk Powder, Soya Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Concentrate, Maltodextrin, Malted Barley powder, Kokum Fat, Herbal extract- Bramhi and Aloe Vera, vitamins, minerals, Steviol Glycosides and natural identical flavouring Substances Vanilla with 25% protein.

    • Bramhi - Strengthens hair roots and prevents dandruff and split ends.
    • Aloe vera - Enhances hair growth and has anti-inflammatory effects.
    • Vitamins - Improves hair Growth.
    • Biotin - Helps in longer and healthier hair growth.
    • Niacin - Nourishes scalp and promotes hair growth.
    • Zinc - Helps in Healthy hair growth.
    • No added sugar

    Have 2 scoops of Dr Batra’s Nutri Good Vanilla powder supplement for healthy hair daily, as desired.

    3 ways to consume Nutrigood:

    • Consume 2 scoops daily with milk or water
    • Consume 2 scoops without dilution
    • Consume 2 scoops with love!

    Recommendations: We recommend directly without dilution.

    Disclaimer: Dr. Batra’s products are approved by the Food and Drug Administration and are animal cruelty-free

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