Dr.Batra's Foot Care Regime

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Step 1 -: Cleanse

Begin your Foot Care Regime with Dr Batra's Bathing Bar. This bathing bar gently cleanses your feet, removing impurities and leaving them refreshed.

 Step 2 -: Hydrate

Nourish your feet with Dr Batra's Natural Moisturizing Lotion Enriched with Echinacea & Aloe Vera. This lotion hydrates your skin, leaving your feet soft and smooth.

 Step 3 -: Repair

Apply Dr Batra's Foot Care Cream Enriched With Kokum Butter. This specialized cream is designed to repair and rejuvenate dry and cracked heels, providing deep moisture and care.


Give your feet the care they deserve with Dr Batra's® Foot Care Regime. Start by cleansing with our Bathing Bar, followed by the Moisturizing Lotion for hydration. Our Foot Care Cream with Kokum Butter provides deep care and repair for your feet.

 Product Features:

The Bathing Bar cleanses your feet gently, removing impurities. The Moisturizing Lotion provides hydration and softness. The Foot Care Cream with Kokum Butter repairs and rejuvenates dry and cracked heels. This 3-step regimen ensures your feet receive the care they need.

 Key Ingredients:

The Bathing Bar cleanses your feet effectively. Echinacea & Aloe Vera in the Moisturizing Lotion provide hydration and softness. Kokum Butter in the Foot Care Cream repairs and rejuvenates dry and cracked heels.


This comprehensive foot care regimen cleanses, hydrates, and repairs your feet, leaving them soft, smooth, and free from dryness and cracks. Give your feet the attention they deserve with Dr Batra's Foot Care products.

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