Dr Batra’s® PRO+ Hair Fall Control Oil Infused with Onion Oil - Non Sticky Formula

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 Want to achieve hair growth that also sustains in the long run? You need the extra nourishment of Dr Batra’s® PRO+ Hair Fall Control Oil Infused with Onion Oil, a revolutionary solution for hair strength and vitality. Our expertly formulated, non-sticky formula harnesses the power of Onion Oil along with the goodness of Rosemary and Ginger, curated by trichologists to offer professional care for your hair. Onion Oil contains antioxidants like quercetin, which help protect the hair from oxidative stress and damage caused by free radicals. This helps in maintaining the vitality and luster of your hair. Our unique hair oil formulation nourishes your scalp, strengthens hair follicles, and delivers that coveted bounce to your locks. As always, it's paraben and silicone-free, ensuring the ultimate care for your hair. Experience the future of hair wellness with Dr Batra’s® PRO+ Hair Fall Control Oil fortified by the nourishment and power of Onion Oil.


QUERCETIN NOURISHMENT: Onion Oil nourishes hair follicles deeply with antioxidants like Quercetin to protect hair strands from oxidative stress and free-radical damage.

SCALP REVITALIZATION: Exfoliates the scalp and stimulates follicular circulation, promoting a healthier foundation for hair growth.

HEAT SHIELD TECHNOLOGY: Protects against damage from heat and environmental pollutants, ensuring hair stays strong and resilient.

DANDRUFF DEFENSE: Guards against dandruff-causing bacteria, maintaining a flake-free and healthy scalp.

INTENSE HYDRATION: Moisturizes both hair strands and scalp for softer, shinier, and well-nourished locks.

 Key Ingredients:

 ONION OIL: Onion oil is abundant in sulfur and quercetin, strengthening hair and reducing breakage, enhancing overall hair health.

ROSEMARY: Rosemary supports improved blood circulation in hair follicles, promoting robust hair growth and follicular health.

GINGER: Ginger acts as a natural shield, guarding your hair against heat-induced damage, making it ideal for styling enthusiasts.

 Steps to Use:

Step 1: Apply the oil on the scalp.

Step 2: Massage well and let it sit well for some time or leave it overnight.

Step 3: Wash your hair with Dr Batras hair fall control shampoo.

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