Dr Batra's Nutrigood Melatonin Sleep Gummies for Falling Asleep Faster | Fortified with with L-Theanine & Chamomile to Ease Anxiety & Wake Up Fresh - Pack of 60 Gummies

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Whatever is your reason to miss your good night's sleep, Dr Batra's Nutrigood Melatonin Gummies is surely to help you achieve better sleep quality. These gummies are your go-to solution for achieving deep sleep after a stressful hectic day at work. Designed to address stress-induced sleeplessness and promote a deep sense of relaxation, these gummies are expertly formulated to ensure you fall asleep quickly and enjoy longer, more rejuvenating slumber. These gummies effectively regulate your sleep-wake cycle, helping you achieve sound and undisturbed rest. Crafted with natural ingredients like Chamomile and Valerian root extract, they provide a calming and anxiety-reducing effect, promoting a state of calmness that eases you into a peaceful sleep. L-Theanine further enhances the sense of relaxation while keeping anxiety at bay. Dr Batra's Nutrigood Sleep Gummies are non-habit forming, suitable for both men and women, and contain no added sugar, making them a healthy choice. With a gluten and soy-free composition, these gummies are perfect for anyone seeking a safe and natural way to improve sleep quality. Just take 2 gummies before bedtime, and let Dr Batra's Melatonin Gummies help you achieve the sleep you deserve.

MELATONIN: Supports faster sleep initiation, extended sleep duration, and enhanced sleep quality.

CHAMOMILE: Known for its calming properties, it helps reduce stress and anxiety, facilitating a peaceful night's sleep.

VALERIAN ROOT EXTRACT: Promotes relaxation and calmness, alleviating feelings of anxiety and tension.

L-THEANINE: Reduces anxiety, induces relaxation, and contributes to an overall sense of well-being. 


STRESS REDUCTION: Chamomile and Valerian root extract help reduce anxiety, promoting CALMNESS for BETTER SLEEP.

ANXIETY MANAGEMENT: L-Theanine keeps anxiety at bay, supporting RELAXATION and IMPROVED SLEEP QUALITY.

NON-HABIT FORMING: Safe for daily use WITHOUT RISK OF DEPENDENCY or side effects.

DIETARY-FRIENDLY: Suitable for both MEN and WOMEN, free from added sugars, gluten, and soy, offering a HEALTHY SLEEP SOLUTION for EVERYONE.

STEP 1: Take 2 gummies daily.

STEP 2: Chew thoroughly before swallowing.

STEP 3: Incorporate into your daily routine for best results.


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